The Cheapest Car Insurance – Is it Possible to Find It?

It is a smart way to look for the cheapest car insurance for your car. But prices of car insurance premiums vary according to the auto insurance companies. You could save a few hundred dollars by selecting the company that has the cheapest car insurance price structure.

An insurance company considers several factors before determining the price of your car insurance premiums. These factors are such as your age, gender, driving record, credit score and type of vehicles.

Drivers below the age of 23 years old are categorized as high risk drivers by the auto insurance companies. So they charges higher premiums if you are looking to buy teen car insurance. You can overcome this by adding your teen name on the existing policy you have instead of purchasing a new teen car insurance policy.

An auto insurance companies also charges higher premium for male drivers than woman drivers. This is due to the fact that most of the car accidents involve higher percentage of male drivers. Auto insurance companies believe that woman drivers tend to be more responsible in their driving.

Another factor they consider is your driving records. If you have history of involved in an accident before you will end up paying higher premiums when you renew your existing car insurance policy. Auto insurance companies do offer some discounts to the drivers that have maintain good record of driving.

If you have a good credit score you will be charge lower rates for your premium. Drivers with bad credit scores with high debt with banks would be charge higher premium charges due to they are considered as high risk drivers. If you are willing to pay more deductibles on the premiums you can request for lower premium rates.

Sport car have higher premium rates due to the higher risk of being stolen and damaged. Sporty car have higher cost to repair the damaged part compared to standard car. Therefore auto insurance companies does not offer lower premium rates for sporty and expensive car due to the factor they are associated with higher risk.

You can get cheapest rates if you have an old vehicle. This type of car qualify for discounts on the premium rates as they do not associated with high cost to repair the car.

Cheapest Car Insurance For a Teenage Boy – 3 Tips

Every teenage boy starts dreaming of buying his first car at least a few years before he is of driving age. For a teenage boy, car ownership means freedom. It means being cool. And, it means having fun.

For parents of teenagers who ready to buy their first car, it seems like a mixed blessing. On the one hand, there is the excitement and pride the parents feel that their child is slowly become an adult, with car ownership representing another milestone toward adulthood. On the other hand, the parent of a teen who is about to buy an automobile may be feeling concerned about their child’s safety – and maybe even about losing a bit of control over this young person’s life.

And then there is the question of car insurance. There are two main reasons to buy car insurance for your teenager: 1. It is required by law; 2. It is the right thing to do.

As someone shopping for car insurance for a young person, your challenge will be walking the line between buying enough car insurance while getting the cheapest insurance possible.

Here are 3 tips on getting the cheapest car insurance for a teenage boy:

Tip #1: At Minimum You Need Liability Insurance

Minimum requirements for automobile insurance vary by state. But, in most or all cases, you will at the very least need to purchase liability insurance. Liability insurance covers the other party’s property and medical expenses should you be responsible for an auto accident.

Usually, the minimum requirements for liability insurance will be listed as in the following format: 25/50/25. In this case, this would mean $25,000 for bodily injury per person, $50,000 for bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 for vehicle damage coverage per accident. (Be sure to check online for your state’s minimum requirements).

Remember, buying the minimum amount of insurance required by your state may not be enough in your case. Take into account the area you live in, the value of your car, and even your family’s net worth (in case of a potential future lawsuit after an accident) when determining the amount of your liability coverage.

Tip #2: Consider A Higher Deductible For Comprehensive & Collision

In most cases, teenage boys do not purchase new cars. Rather, they favor whatever they can afford, which is usually a used car. While going used may not be the teenage boy’s top choice for a type of car, buying used does have its advantages. By having a less-expensive car, the teenage boy may be in a better position to elect a higher deductible* on their insurance.

* a deductible is simply the amount you pay “out of pocket” after an accident that is your own fault or if you experience road damage. The more you are willing to pay out of pocket, the lower your comprehensive (which covers non-accident-related damage and theft) and collision (which covers your car if you cause an accident) insurance will be. Going higher on the deductible may make sense for a cheaper car – especially one in which you may not mind getting a few small dings in now and then.

Tip #3: Shop At Least 5 Insurance Companies To Get Best Rates

Many people rush out to buy car insurance for their teenagers by adding them to their own policies. This is not always the best option, however. In fact, whenever someone in the family is getting new car insurance for the first time, it is a good idea to shop around first.

It is smart to find at least 5 new auto insurance companies online and apply to at least 3 of them. This is the best way to increase your chances of securing the best rate, since having more choices is always better than having fewer. Insurance company rates can vary quite a bit from one to the next, so be sure not to skip this step.

Follow these 3 tips to find the cheapest car insurance for a teenage boy.

The Cheapest Car Insurance is Possible If You Do These

Cheapest auto insurance has been dream of many car owners. For many, they put all their trust in there vehicle insurance broker while for some, they do it by themselves. Do you want to do it by yourself? Read on,

First step: You have to decide what you actual want in vehicle insurance. Ask yourself, what type of auto insurance coverage do i need for my vehicle? Once you are able to identify this, 15% of your problem is solved. This is your first key step to work towards getting cheapest car insurance rate or quote.

Second step: do you have used old car? do not take comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage with it.

Third Step: Compare motor insurance rates from auto insurance comparing sites. The reason for this is to locate large possible cheap quotes in a limited amount of time. Once you have done this, wait for a day or two and contact the auto insurance company or agency for the deal. You can also use buyback sites to help you reduce these rates you get by shopping around in auto insurance comparing sites.

Third step: if your car is brand new or nearly new, increase your deductible. This will mean you have to take more responsible in repairing your car when there is a breakdown depending on the car insurance policy you choose.

Fourth Step: Join a car club. This has been a strategy many have ignored without knowing the impact it has on there auto insurance rate or premium. if you have a Volvo car, look for the car club and join them. Each car brand has vehicle club and inform your broker or insurance company as this will help you also get cheapest car insurance rate.

Fifth: Pay your motor insurance premium in bulk and avoid monthly payment if you can. There is a discount offered by vehicle insurance company on this as this will help you to get cheap auto insurance.

Sixth: Depending on your status in your place of residence, there are special discount to various groups of people in society. What do I mean by this, if you are a student, there are discount for you if you meet the criteria, if your a teacher, engineer, driver, new driver, women, above 40 years of age just name it there are tons of discount available.

Other general strategies are as follows:
– improve your driving skills
– use one insurance company for all your insurance purposes as this will result to you getting cheaper car insurance.
– If you are looking for a place to live, try check for the crime rate. if you live in low crime areas, expect cheap auto insurance.

Finally, these are some of the strategies to have cheapest car insurance.

Cheapest Car Insurance – Points To Make Note Of

Before we talk about cheapest car insurance let us understand what automobile insurance is. Car Insurance protects you from monetary losses in case of accident or theft. You are required to pay a premium against which the insurance company accepts to pay for losses incurred by you in case of death, medical treatment, physical injury, or property damage, depending on the type of car insurance cover you possess.

It is widely known that your insurance policy price can differ from company to company and by great amounts, as in hundreds of dollars. So how do you choose the right company to give you the cheapest car insurance cover? There are a few things you should remember.

Selecting An Affordable Insurance Company

Do a thorough research on the internet and maybe even on the phone, of a number of insurance companies and ask them for free insurance quotes. Compare these quotes before deciding. You may also want to seek advice from friends and relatives if they happen to have a good car insurance company in mind.

You should also get the list of insurance companies from your State Insurance Department and check if there are any with black spots on them. Refrain from taking the services of such companies.

Check out from the Independent Rating Companies whether the insurance company you have selected is in good financial condition. If it’s an old car that you’re looking for an insurance policy for, don’t take collision and comprehensive coverage on it. You can find out the value of your car from an auto dealer or a bank.

Whether you’re buying a new or a used car, find out what the cost of insurance to you would be. This depends on the car price; its past performance based on safety, chances of it being stolen and repair costs. Remember if your car has greater chances of being stolen, insurance costs will be higher. You could get a hefty discount if you have got anti-lock brakes, airbags and anti-theft devices installed in your car.

Buy two or three types of insurance from the same insurance company. Let’s say you buy your home insurance and your car insurance from one company, they will offer you some discount on the insurance cover. They may also offer you a discount if you have more than one car or if you’ve been associated with them for a number of years.

Those were some of the points you should consider when getting yourself the cheapest car insurance.